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19 second hand books in my Electronics catalogue.

101 Questions and Answers About Transistors with a Specially Written Chapter For the Guidance of the English Reader by W. Oliver - Leo G. [George] Sands

Foulsham-Sams, Hardback, 1967, Hardback £9.50

An Introduction to VHF/UHF for Radio Amateurs - I. D. Poole

London: Bernard Babani, Paperback, 1990, Paperback £9.50

DSP for In-vehicle and Mobile Systems - Huseyin Abut; John H. L. Hansen; Kazuya Takeda;

Springer, Hardback (Laminated Boards), 2005, Hardback (Laminated Boards) £61.00

Electromagnetic Distance Measurement - C. D. Burnside

Oxford: BSP Professional Books, Paperback, 1991, Paperback £7.50

Electronic Security Systems: Better Ways to Crime Prevention - Philip Walker

London, Boston, Durban, Singapore, Toronto & Wellington: Butterworths, Hardback, 1983, Hardback £8.50

Facts Worth Knowing About Frequency Converters - Anon

Danfoss, Hardback, 1991, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

Having Fun with Transistors with a Specially Written Chapter For the Guidance of the English Reader by W. Oliver - Len Buckwalter

Foulsham-Sams, Hardback, 1966, Hardback £9.50

Intruder Alarms - Colin Bridges

Borehamwood: Paramount Publishing Limited, Paperback, 1984, Paperback £7.50

Modern Relay Technology - Hans Sauer

Dr. Alfred Huethig, Hardback, 1986, Hardback £9.50

New IC FET Principles & Projects - Ken W. & TUITE, Donald Sessions

Foulsham-TAB, Paperback, 1973, Paperback £11.00

Packet Radio Primer - Dave Coomber; Martyn Croft;

R.S.G.B., Paperback, 1991, Paperback £12.50

Radio Volume III - John D. & WILKINSON, Donald Tucker

English Universities Press, Hardback, 1958, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

Solid-state Relay Handbook with Applications - Anthony Bishop

Indianapolis: Howard W. Sams & Co., Paperback, 1986, Paperback £8.50

Stereo Sound - H. W. Hellyer

Fountain Press, Hardback, 1974, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Tandy CB Guide - Anon.

Tandy, Paperback, 1981, Paperback £9.50

The Design Of Electronic Measuring Instruments Session 1952-53 - F. G. Spreadbury

The Association of Engineering & Shipbuilding Draughtsman, Paperback, 1953, Paperback £16.00

The iPod Book - Scott Kelby

Peachpit Press, Paperback, 2007, Paperback £9.50

The Robot Builder's Bonanza: 99 Inexpensive Robotics Projects - Gordon McComb

Tab, Paperback, 1987, Paperback £7.50

Understanding Television - J. R. Davies

Data Publications, Hardback, 1975, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £16.00