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5 second hand books in my Astrology catalogue.

Astrologie: En Haar Practische Toepassing - Else Parker

Amersfoort: P. Dz. Veen, Hardback, 1925, Hardback £12.00

Basic Steps in Astronomy - John Boulton

Blandford Press, Hardback, 1979, Hardback £10.00

The Concise Planetary Ephemeris for 1900 to 1950 A.D at Noon - ANON.

Massachusetts: The Hieratic publishing Co., Paperback, 1982, Paperback £12.00

The Message of the Stars: An Esoteric Exposition of Medical and Natal Astrology Explaining the Arts of Prediction and Diagnosis of Disease - Max Heindel & Augusta Foss Heindel

London: L. N. Fowler & Co., Hardback, 1963, Hardback £38.50

The New Manual of Astrology in Four Books Treating of the Language of the Heavens, the Reading of a Horoscope, the Measure of Time and Hindu Astrology - W. Gorn Old

London: George Redway, Hardback, 1898, Hardback £128.50