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Monty's Marauders: Black Rat & Red Fox: 4th & 8th Independent Arm

Monty's Marauders: Black Rat & Red Fox: 4th & 8th Independent Armoured Brigades in WW2. - Patrick Delaforce

Brighton: Tom Donovan Publishing, 1998, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good.

Includes: Plans of battle; Black & white photographs; Maps;

From the cover: “When Monty was entrusted with the Allied Command for Overlord he had no hesitation in recalling his favourite African Desert veteran units to the UK to spearhead the invasion. Among these were two independent armoured brigades, 4th (Black Desert Rats) and 8th (Red Fox’s Mask). They would be rushed into difficult and dangerous situations in Normandy and spearhead the Great Swan break out towards the Low Countries and into the heart of the Fatherland.

4th Armoured fought almost throughout WW2. They helped beat the Italian armies, and took part in all the great battles against Rommel’s panzers, up to Tunis, then Sicily and Italy. In Europe, they landed on D+1 at la Riviere, fought in Normandy at Hill 112, throughout Belgium, Holland, the Reichswald and into the depths of Germany, meeting the Russians at Wismar. At one stage or another they supported every British division.

8th Armoured started the war in Palestine, then into Syria and were heavily engaged at Alamein. They took part in the famous ‘left hook’ at Mareth and the dash for Tunis. On D-Day they landed at Arromanches, fought in all the bocage battles, crossed the Seine and helped take Lille then fought in Operation Market Garden. They had a key role in the capture of Geilenkirchen and Operation Veritable to break the Rhineland defences. After the Rhine crossing they were part of the spearhead to take Bremen.

The cream of the British Army fought with these two brigades: Hussars; Dragoon Guards; Lancers; Royal Scots Greys; Sharpshooters; many RTR battalions; Sherwood Rangers; Staffs Yeomanry; RHA and KRRC. Patrick Delaforce weaves together the experiences of dozens of participants to give a fast-moving and authentic portrayal of the African Desert and North-West Europe campaigns.”

Size: Trade Paperback (9¼" x 6"). 224 pages.
Monty's Marauders: Black Rat & Red Fox: 4th & 8th Independent Arm