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Winning the Peace: America and World Order in the New Era John Ge

Winning the Peace: America and World Order in the New Era - John Gerard Ruggie

New York: Columbia University Press, 1996, Hardback in Dust Wrapper.
Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper.

From the cover: “In this much-anticipated exploration of global politics in the post-cold war world, John Gerard Ruggie presents a compelling vision of American foreign policy into the next century, at once historically grounded, theoretically informed, and eminently practical.

In an age when anti-communist alliance-building no longer sustains American engagement in support of a stable world order, what goal can act as the guiding principle of this nation’s foreign policy? Ruggie cautions that a combination of unilateral, case-by-case accounting of American interests abroad, an “all-or-nothing” military doctrine, and the domestic insecurity bred by the forces of globalization are likely to tilt U. S. foreign policy toward neo-isolationism.

Winning the Peace persuasively argues for an alternative agenda. Ruggie builds on the strategies that America’s leaders had designed to maintain international stability before the cold war broke out, calling for the promotion of cooperative security relations, economic multilateralism, and a new domestic social contract.

This timely, provocative book contends that, in order to succeed in a continued international leadership role, America must come to grips again with a fundamental challenge of self-definition: what it is and what it ought to become as a nation.

Winning the Peace surveys a broad spectrum of global affairs in this century — the post-war settlements of 1919 and 1945, the roots of American isolationism, bipolarity and its collapse — providing insight into the major international issues con-fronting America today.

Ruggie lucidly interweaves these strands of history with current events, including American stumbling in Somalia and Bosnia, NATO expansion, U. S. trade disputes with Japan, globalization and domestic economic insecurity, the Contract With America and the politics of multiculturalism, richly illuminating the shortcomings of prevailing approaches to U. S. foreign policy and charting a clear-eyed, visionary course for its future.”

Size: 9½" x 6¼". Quarter-bound Black on Red boards with Red titling to the Spine. [XIV] 237 pages.
Winning the Peace: America and World Order in the New Era John Ge