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Under the Fish and Over the Water: A Community Play For Bradford

Under the Fish and Over the Water: A Community Play For Bradford On Avon with Additional Material Contributed by Members of the Bradford On Avon Community Play Research Group - Peter Terson

Ex Libris Press, 1990, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good.

First in this, paperback, edition. Illustrated by way of: Black and White Photographs;

From the cover: “A year and a half in preparation, Bradford on Avon Community Play was performed in the town over two weeks towards the end of 1990, though the events portrayed in the play took place two hundred years ago. This was a period of rapid change in England and not least in Bradford on Avon, at the time an important centre of the West of England cloth industry, when mechanisation was seen as a threat to traditional methods of working.

Peter Terson’s play is an imaginative recreation of dramatic events from this period. A cloth town and a town of stone, Bradford was also the home of Henry Shrapnel, whose expertise in ballistics was ultimately employed (in the play if not in historical reality) against the townspeople, at the connivance of local employers.

Under the Fish features a host of memorable characters — Jadder Dodd, the hard-drinking stoneworker who becomes a reformed man after a night spent in the town’s lock-up — ‘under the fish and over the water’ — when he is preached to by Gobby Vennel, the ‘village idiot’, who is perhaps not such an idiot. These are but two of the huge cast of cloth workers, stone workers, clothiers and their families.

The playscript is prefaced by an Introduction by the playwright who tells of his involvement, for the first time, in a Community Play, and of the genesis of this particular project. Included here, too, is a substantial piece compiled by members of the Community Play Research Group, which presents the facts, illustrated with archival material, of the play’s background.

This book is the essential record of a unique moment in the history of Bradford on Avon — the Community Play of 1990, and the historic events and townsfolk which it celebrates.”

Size: 8¼" x 5¾". 166 pages.
Under the Fish and Over the Water: A Community Play For Bradford