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British Politics: Continuities and Change Dennis Kavanagh

British Politics: Continuities and Change - Dennis Kavanagh

Oxford University Press, 1992, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good.

From the cover: “On its first publication Dennis Kavanagh’s British Politics rapidly became one of the leading textbooks in the field. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date account of British politics which not only describes but also evaluates the British system in the 1990s in modern, political science terms.

Professor Kavanagh examines the historical, constitutional, and cultural context of British politics, focusing on what is particular and interesting about the British experience. He deals with familiar topics (the Cabinet, Parliament, parties, pressure groups, and local government), but also discusses often neglected issues (political culture, corporatism, the police and judiciary, the mass media, political recruitment and political style, and the politics of economic decline).

His description of the British political system is supported by a trenchant analysis which makes clear the system’s many continuities. He takes account of the changes in the 1970s and 1980s when new directions were taken as a result of the changing nature of the party system, growing tensions between central and local government, the power of the trade unions, and Mrs Thatcher’s impact on the role of Prime Minister.

This comprehensive description and assessment of British political institutions and processes will continue to be invaluable to students taking courses in government and in comparative politics.”

Size: Trade Paperback (9¼" x 6"). [XII] 336 pages.
British Politics: Continuities and Change Dennis Kavanagh