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A Bright Mask: New and Selected Poems - Robert Greacen

Dedalus Press, 1985, Paperback £7.50

A City by City Guide to Living And Working in Australia - Roberta Duman

How to, 2007, Paperback £7.50

A Fox-Hunting Anthology: Selections from the Writers of the 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries - Introduced & Compiled by E. D. [Edward William Dirom] Cuming

Cassell & Co., 1928, Hardback £26.00

A Garland For Captain Fox - Robert Greacen

Gallery Books, 1975, Paperback £11.00

A Guide to European Financial Centres - Tony Hay

New York & London: Woodhead-Faulkner, 1990, Hardback £21.00

A History of Russian Philosophy Volume Two - V. V. [Vasily Vasilevich] Zenkovsky

London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1953, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £18.00

A Passage to England - Nirad C. [Chandra] Chaudhuri

London: Readers Union, 1960, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

A Sudden Line: An Anthology of Modern Verse - Roger Armstrong; Isobel Armstrong;

Oxford University Press, 1976, Paperback £11.00

Acastos: Two Platonic Dialogues - Iris Murdoch

Chatto & Windus, 1986, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £17.50

Adventures On the Freedom Road: The French Intellectuals in the 20th Century - Bernard-Henri Levy

London: The Harvill Press, 1995, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

All in a Day's Work: Life on the GWR - Tim Bryan

Hersham: Ian Allan, 2008, Paperback £9.50

All the Kaiser's Men: The Life and Death of the German Army on the Western Front - Ian Passingham

Stroud: Sutton Publishing, 2003, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £24.00

An Ambush of Ghosts: A Personal Guide to Favorie Western Film Locations - David Rothel

Madison: Empire Publishing, Inc., 1990, Hardback £34.00

An Illustrated History of the First World War - John Keegan

New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2001, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £24.00

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Knowledge - Jennifer Trusted

London & Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1981, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down - Jack Fishman

Souvenir Press, 1982, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Antiques of the Air - Michael F. Jerram

London: New English Library, 1980, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

Apocalypse 2000 - Peter Jay; Michael Stewart

Sidgwick & Jackson, 1987, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Arthur Schopenhauer: Manuscript Remains in Four Volumes: Vol. II Critical Debates (1809-1818) - Arthur Schopenhauer

Oxford, New York & Hamburg: Berg, 1988, Hardback £41.00

Assassination in Algiers: Churchill, Roosevelt, De Gaulle and the Murder of Admiral Darlan - Anthony Verrier

London: Macmillan, 1992, Paperback £7.50

Assurance: An Anthology - Michael Seed

Continuum, 2000, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Attack on the Somme - Edward G. D. Living

SPA Books/Tom Donovan Military Books, 1986, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £21.00

Best of Neighbours: New and Selected Poems - Glyn Hughes

Ceolfrith Press, 1979, Paperback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

Beyond the City Lights: The Story of the Western Province - Lkawrence G. (George) Green

Cape Town: Howard Timmins, 1957, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

Bibliography of Modern American Philosophers - John G. Slater

London & New York: Thoemmes Continuum, 2006, Hardback £44.00

Birds of North America - Bertel Bruun

Hamlyn, 1973, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

Black Rock: A Tale of the Selkirks - Ralph Connor [Charles William Gordon]

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1900, Hardback £7.50

Bless This Roof - Julia Burton & Phyllis Garlick

The Highway Press, 1953, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Boy in the Bath: Or How to Work on 13 Newspapers and Survive - Eric Price

Wick: Abson Books, 1982, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Bristol and its Famous Associations - Stanley Hutton

J. W. Arrowsmith, 1907, Hardback £11.00

Cambridge Minds - Edited by Richard Mason

Cambridge University Press, 1994, Paperback £7.50

Carpets: From the Tents, Cottages and Workshops of Asia - Jon Thompson

London: Laurence King, 1993, Paperback £7.50

Charlie King: We Called Him "Blackie" - Bobby J. Copeland

Madison: Empire Publishing, Inc., 2003, Paperback £11.00

Chronicles of the Great War: The Western Front, 1914-1918 - Peter Simkins

Godalming: Bramley Books, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £12.50

Classic Walks in Scotland - Cameron Mcneish; Rogr Smith;

Oxford Illustrated Press, 1988, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Clear and Queer Thinking: Wittgenstein's Development and His Relevance to Modern Thought - Laurence Goldstein

London: Duckworth, 1999, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £17.50

Crowdie and Cream - Finlay J. Macdonald

MacDonald & Co., 1982, Paperback (Uncorrected Proof) £8.50

Desert Rat Sketch Book: Written and Illustrated, on the Spot, in Full Colour By - Clifford Saber

New York: Sketchbook Press, 1959, Hardback in Slip Case £71.50

Devil or Saviours - George W. F. Hallgarten

Oswald Wolff, 1960, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £10.50

Devon Steam - Michael Welch

Harrow: Capital Transport, 2013, Hardback £16.00

Diesels On the Regions: Western Region - Brian Morrison

Poole: Oxford Publishing Co., 1984, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Dirt Music - Tim Winton

Picador, 2001, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Duel For the Sky: Ten Crucial Air Battles of World War II Vividly Recreated - Christopher Shores

Grub Street, 1999, Paperback £7.50

East-west Economic Co-operation: Problems and Solutions - Albert Masnata

Farnborough, Lexington: Saxon Housem, Lexington Books, 1974, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Eighteenth Century Life Volume VIII, N.s., 2 - Edited by Robert P. Maccubbin & Peter Martin

The College of William and Mary and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, 1983, Paperback £11.00

Elaine Mcdonald - Edited by John S. Dixon

Arno, Undated, £7.50

Enemy In The Shadows - Norman Gelb

William Luscombe, 1976, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Europe from Below: An East-West Dialogue - Mary Kaldor

London & New York: Verso, 1991, Paperback £7.50

Europe Will Not Wait: A Warning and a Way Out - [Harold] Anthony Nutting

Hollis & Carter, 1960, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £12.50

Famous Composers - Theodore Rowland-Entwistle; Jean Cooke;

David & Charles, Undated, in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Farewell To Russia - Richard Hugo

MacMillan London, 1987, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £12.50

Fifty ‘Bab’ Ballads - W. S. Gilbert

George Routledge & Sons, 1887, Hardback £11.00

Fifty Key Medieval Thinkers - G. R. Evans

London & New York: Routledge, 2002, Paperback £13.50

Fifty Key Medieval Thinkers - G. R. Evans

London & New York: Routledge, 2002, Paperback £13.50

Film Review 1963/1964 - Edited by F. Maurice Speed

London: Macdonald, 1963, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £26.00

Firebird - Natasha Templeton

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1994, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Firekeeper: New and Selected Poems - Pattiann Rogers

Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions, 1994, Paperback £9.50

for Love and Courage: The Letters of Lieutenant Colonel E. W. Hermon from the Western Front 1914 - 1917 - Edited by Anne Nason

London: Preface Publishing, 2008, Hardback £13.00

Forgotten Horrors: Early Talkie Chillers from Poverty Row - George E. Turner & Michael H. Price

South Brunswick & New York / London: A. S. Barnes & Company, Inc. / Thomas Yoseloff, 1979, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.50

Free to Fight Again - Alan W. Cooper

William Kimber, 1988, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £10.50

Front Page Europe - Denis Weaver

The Cresset Press, 1943, Hardback £7.50

Great Railway Journeys of the World: An Encyclopedia of the World's Best Locomotive Journeys - Max Wade-Matthews

London: Lorenz, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £12.50

Great Western Echo: Spring 1977 to Winter 1984-45 with Summer 1969 - Anon.

Didcot: The Great Western Society, 1977, Hardback [½ Leather] £31.50

Great Western Echo: Spring 1985 to Summer 1992 - Anon.

Didcot: The Great Western Society, 1977, Hardback [½ Leather] £31.50

Great Western in Colour - O. S. [Oswald Stevens] Nock

New Orchard Editions, Undated, in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Great Western Progress 1835 - 1935 - Anon.

David & Charles, 1972, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Great Western Swindon - Tim Bryan

The Chalford Publishing Company, 1995, Paperback £11.00

Hegel and the Transformation of Philosophical Critique - William F. Bristow

Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2007, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £26.00

Hilary Putnam: Pragmatism and Realism - Edited by James Conant & Urszula M. Zeglen

London & New York: Routledge, 2002, Hardback £26.00

History of Jewish Philosophy - Edited by Daniel H. Frank & Oliver Leaman

London & New York: Routledge, 1997, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £54.00

History of the Great Western Railway [3 Volumes] - Peter Semmens

London: Guild Publishing, 1985, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £19.00

Holiday Cruising in the Netherlands - John Oliver

David & Charles, 1974, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Hong Kong and Macau - Fay Smith & Charles Burfitt

Little Hills, 2000, Paperback £7.50

How to Avoid the Future - Gordon Rattray Taylor

Secker & Warburg, 1975, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

I, Said The Spy - Derek Lambert

Arlington, 1980, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

Ikebana - Takashi Sawano

Ward Lock, 1981, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Imperial War Museum Review: Articles On Aspects of Twentieth Century History Principally by the Staff of the Imperial War Museum: No. 3 - Edited by Suzanne Bardgett

The Trustees of the Imperial War Museum, 1988, Paperback £7.50

In the Kibble Palace: New and Selected Poems - Stewart Conn

Bloodaxe, 1987, Paperback £7.50

Incredible Journeys: Featuring the World's Greatest Animal Travellers - Nigel Marven

British Broadcasting Corporation [B.B.C./BBC], 1997, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Italian Lakes and Mountains with Venice and Florence - Barbara Radcliffe Rogers; Stillman Rogers; Paul Karr;

Thomas Cook, 2002, Paperback £9.50

Ivo Peters' Classic Steam - Mac Hawkins

Hawk Editions, 2000, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

John Moore's England - Eric Linklater

Collins, 1970, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

John Stuart Mill and the Writing of Character - Janice Carlisle

Athens & London: The University of Georgia, 1991, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

Life In A Dorset Village - John Eastwood

Winterbourne, 1982, Paperback £7.50

Medieval Sculpture - Roberto Salvini

London: Michael Joseph, 1969, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £29.00

Mill on Liberty - Jonathan Riley

London & New York: Routledge, 1998, Paperback £7.50

Movie Book of the Western - Ian Cameron & Douglas Pye

London: Studio Vista, 1996, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £31.00

Music in German Philosophy: An Introduction - Edited by Stefan Lorenz Sorgner & Oliver Fu¨rbeth

Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press, 2010, Paperback £21.00

Old Roofings - Gerald Emerton

Nantwich: Johnsons, 1988, Paperback £31.00

Origin: Fifth Series Number One Featuring George Evans - Edited by Cid Corman

The National Poetry Foundation, 1983, Paperback £7.50

Overlanding with Annabel - Stuart Gore

London, Sydney, Melbourne & Wellington: Angus & Robertson, 1955, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £31.00

Paddington to the Mersey: G.W.R's Forgotten Route from London to Birkenhead - R. Preston Hendry & R. Powell Hendry

Sparkford: Oxford Publishing Co., 1992, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Passage to Juneau: A Sea and Its Meanings - Jonathan Raban

London: Picador, 1999, Paperback £7.50

Patience Strong's Thoughts for Every Day - Patience Strong

Chancellor Press, 1993, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

Philosopy - James. L Christian

Harcourt Brace, 1994, Hardback £24.00

Pillar of Fire: Dunkirk 1940 - Ronald Atkins

London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1990, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Portraying Finland: Facts and Insights - Various

Otava, 2005, Paperback £7.50

Reconciliation: Islam, Democracy and the West - Benazir Bhutto

Simon & Schuster, 2008, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Rights, Welfare, and Mill's Moral Theory - David Lyons

New York & Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994, Paperback £7.50

Ros Rosarum - A. B. Ramsay

Cambridge University Press, 1925, Hardback £16.00