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Submarines of World War Two by Erminio Bagnasco (£20.00)Publisher: London: Arms & Armour Press — 1977Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 085368331X]Condition: Very Good — in Good Dust Wrapper. Dust wrapper heavily faded at the spine. Extensive presentation plate to the first blank. Text complete, clean and tight otherwise. Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Chronological Tables; Tables; Plans;Notes: Jacket designed by Geoff Hunt. Size: 10" x 9¾". Blue boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 256 pages. Tags: submarines ships history submarine boats war 1939-1945 naval operations marine engineering actions sea oceans seas second submersibles warfare
P&P: UK 1st £6.75. UK 2nd £6.68. EU Surface £10.36. EU Air £10.35. ROW Surface £10.36. ROW Air £19.22

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Lost Subs: From the Hunley to the Kursk, the Greatest Submarines Ever Lost: and Found by Spencer Dunmore (£13.00)Publisher: Toronto: Da Capo Press — 2002Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0306811405]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. First blank has a vertical crease where it's been trapped under the upper board. Text complete, clean and tight otherwise. Description: Technical consultant, J. David Perkins. Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Colour Photographs; Colour Drawings; Diagrams; Illustrated endpapers and blanks;

From the cover: “In the summer of 2000, the fates of two very different submarines made headlines around the world. On August 8, the Confederate sub H. L. Hunley, sunk 136 years ago during the American Civil War, was raised at Charleston, South Carolina. Four days later, the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk exploded and plunged to the floor of the Barents Sea. Between the stories of these two lost submarines lies most of the history of men and warfare under the seas.

In gripping text and powerful images, Lost Subs chronicles the evolution of the submarine — from Robert Fulton’s early experiments to the famous German U-boats of both world wars; from Imperial Japan’s I-52 to the Cold War nuclear subs Thresher and Scorpion. Thanks to revolutionary new technology, divers and deep-sea submersibles are giving scientists unprecedented access to these lost subs, and shedding new light on both their creation and their destruction.

With state-of-the-art underwater photography, this definitive illustrated history vividly brings to life an amazing underwater museum. Fascinating cutaway diagrams and a wealth of archival photographs and paintings re-create these vessels in their prime and help answer many of the questions that have surrounded their sinkings. Here is a saga as current as today’s headlines, filled with mystery, drama and daring.”
Notes: Illustrated by Jonathan Blair & Brian Skerry (Photos.). Foreword or introduction by Dr. Robert D. Ballard. Size: 9¼" x 10¼. Black boards with Silver titling to the Spine. 179 pages. Tags: submarines ships submarine disasters history world military war transportation naval shipbuilding spencer dunmore jonathan blair brian skerry photos robert ballard 0306811405 first editions firsts printings 1st
P&P: UK 1st £6.00. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £9.06. EU Air £9.10. ROW Surface £9.06. ROW Air £16.72

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Safety and Survival at Sea by E. C. B. Lee; Kenneth Lee; (£11.50)Publisher: Greenhill Books — 1989Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 1853670340]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dustwrapper. Gently bruised at the spine ends and corners with commensurate ruffling to the dustwrapper.Description: New Edition. Illustrated with black and white photographs. From the preface: “From time immemorial men have struggled against the elements in attempting to cross great waters, some have succumbed to the peril of the sea and others have survived. A study of survivors’ reports, many of which are given in this book, has led to improvements in lifesaving equipment and techniques. The lessons learnt from disasters at sea have led to the improved design and operation of ships. Nevertheless, disasters still occur and are frequently due, in part or in whole, to human fallibility. This book is written with the object of eliminating human error, or minimising its effects.”Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". Blue boards with Silver titling to the Spine. 343 pages. Tags: shipman-overboard communications installations international psychological organization submersibles dehydration precautions hypothermia emergencies submarines hovercraft casualties helicopter abandoning reporting creatures lifeboats treatment following collision lifebuoys equipment explosion analysers aerospace stranding shipwreck position recovery physical anti-gas aircraft survival advisory drinking atlantic drowning services offshore shipping stations exposure capsized distress clothing against diver's landing hazards
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22

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