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J. S. Bach Volume II by Albert Schweitzer (£11.50)Publisher: A & C Black — 1949Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. Condition: Good — in Poor Dust Wrapper. Unlaminated dust wrapper a little edgeworn and faded with several short tears and some loss. Edges of the textblock heavily spotted. Top edge of the text block tanned. Price Clipped. Text complete, clean and tight but a little age-tanned and musty.Description: Volume II of II Only. 6th printing. [First Published: France, 1905] Illustrated by way of: Black & White Plates [2]; The original French version was greatly expanded by the author for the German edition, which in turn he considerably revised and enlarged for this brilliant translation.Notes: Foreword or introduction by C. M. Widor. Size: 8¾" x 5¾". Green boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. [VII] 498 pages. Tags: bach johann sebastian 1685-1750 composers music opera concerto criticism and interpretation studies germany biography albert schweitzer widor ernest newman
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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Schweitzer: A Biography by David Marshall; George Poling; (£10.50)Publisher: Geoffrey Bles — 1971Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0713800003]Condition: Very Good — in Good Dustwrapper. Dustwrapper a little faded at the spine and margins. Edges of the textblock lightly spotted. Text complete, clean and tight. Previous owner’s inscription, minor, to the title page and a note to the margin of the index.Description: Illustrated with black and white photographs. From the cover: “Albert Schweitzer’s life and Schweitzer the man have been for years shrouded in myth. This biography, the first since his death in 1965, probes beyond his time-worn image as an old, tired man in a pith helmet. Here he is revealed as everything but what that image represents — a respected philosopher, a renowned Biblical scholar, and a liberal rebel in a conservative European protestant church. He was an accomplished organist and interpreter of Bach, a crusader for world peace, and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. He made his philosophy of ‘reverence for Iife’ an ethic for the world. Still in operation, his hospital in Lambarene is a model of what the European might have given to the African native throughout colonial history.”Notes: Foreword or introduction by Rhena Schweitzer. Size: 9½" x 6¼". Grey boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 342 pages. Tags: humanitarianism socio-political preindustrial international understanding establishment colonialistic civilization schweitzer’s reparations sacrificial interpreter philosopher repressive depression inhumanity commentary equatorial fanaticism bonhoeffer schweitzer missionary theologian philosophy militants full-time orthodoxy primitive societies landscape lambarene political religious spiritual following lambaréné sagacity cultural opponent biblical theology academic tropical struggle bertrand bresslau gunsbach prisoner hospital renegade religion
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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Albert Schweitzer: An Introduction [With Two Unpublished Addresses by Albert Schweitzer] by Jacques Feschotte (£9.50)Publisher: Adam & Charles Black — 1954Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. Condition: Very Good — in Good Dust Wrapper. Unlaminated dust wrapper a little edgeworn and faded with the price clipped. Pages lightly age-tanned.Description: Translated from the French. From the cover: “A new study of Dr Schweitzer by an intimate friend, who has had particular opportunities to know his subject as a man in his Alsatian village home, rather than as the great world-figure who recently was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

At Schweitzer’s own suggestion the book contains the first publication in this country of his account of an episode in his childhood, and his important address on the problem of ethics in the evolution of human thought, delivered on his installation as a member of the French Academy.”
Notes: Size: 8¼" x 5¼". Red boards with Silver titling to the Spine. 130 pages. Tags: albert and biography europe gabon medical missionaries missions musicians schweitzer theologians
P&P: UK 1st £2.84. UK 2nd £2.52. EU Surface £3.86. EU Air £4.10. ROW Surface £3.86. ROW Air £6.72
More From the Primeval Forest by Albert Schweitzer (£9.50)Publisher: A & C Black — 1931Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. Condition: Good - in Poor DJ. DJ shattered, several large tears and considerable loss. Mildly bumped at head & tail of spine and corners.Description: In 1924 Dr. Schweitzer had accumulated sufficient funds to enable him to return to Lambarene and to restore the ruins of his former hospital, taking up again the work of healing the sick natives.Illustrated with 16 pages of B&W photographs.
P&P: UK 1st £2.84. UK 2nd £2.52. EU Surface £3.86. EU Air £4.10. ROW Surface £3.86. ROW Air £6.72

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Sports Illustrated Boardsailing by Major Hall (£9.50)Publisher: Harper & Row — 1985Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 0060910569]Condition: Very Good.Description: First in this, paperback, edition. Illustrated with black and white photographs. From the cover: “Written by one of the top authorities on boardsailing, and illustrated by two of the best sailing photographers, this new Sports Illustrated volume actually teaches people how to boardsail — something no other book on the subject does. Profusely illustrated and clearly written, Sports Illustrated Boardsailing is a complete, no-nonsense guide to one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. It contains chapters on rigging, launching, sailing and steering a sailboard, along with handy tips on reading wind conditions, sailing in stiff breezes, performing sailboard tricks, and many more. By using Sports Illustrated Boardsailing, beginners young and old can easily learn to sail their boards within a matter of hours, and intermediate board sailors will find the chapters on more advanced sailing extremely helpful in developing their skills and refining their technique.”Notes: Size: 9" x 7". 221 pages. Tags: right-of-way sideslipping accidentally coordination overtrimming polyethylene hydroplaning construction boardsailors recreational board-sailor restrictions semi-floater representing incorporates intermediate specifically head-to-head centerboards boardsailing daggerboards performance temperature hypothermia short-board closehauled centerboard experienced measurement retractable preparatory overpowered daggerboard predominant competition competitors boardsailor custom-made maneuvering essentially potentially full-length lightweight co-inventor limitations momentarily prevailing semi-stiff sufficient supporting windsurfer
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22
The Wind Is Free: Windsurfing with Ken Winner by Ken Winner; Roger Jones; (£9.50)Publisher: Pelham — 1981Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 0720712661]Condition: Very Good. Gently rubbed at the edges of the spine and wraps with a light crease to the bottom corner of the upper wrapper. Text complete, clean and tight.Description: Later printing. Illustrated with B&W photographs and diagrams. From the cover: “Since the invention of windsurfing more than a decade ago, the world has started a love affair with the sport. Whether you want to fly over the water at 25 knots in a cloud of spray, or glide quietly in light breezes, the affair is a thrill to remember.

For this book U.S. Champion Ken Winner and Canadian writer Roger Jones have combined their talents to teach and demonstrate the skills of balance, precision, and speed. Whether you are a total beginner or a more experienced sailor who wants the challenge of basic or advanced racing, high-performance windsurfing, wave jumping or surfing, this book is for you.

Illustrated throughout with over 200 photographs and drawings, The Wind Is Free includes chapters on how to get started, basic sailing theory, windsurfing in stronger winds, appropriate attire, buying and maintaining equipment, racing and freestyle methods, surf and wave sailing, a glossary of terms, and a brief guide to windsurfing around the world.”
Notes: Foreword or introduction by James R. Drake. Size: 11" x 8½". 128 pages. Tags: abeam baja-board beam beating britain broad close-hauled daggerboard darby drake experienced gybe hoyle jibe jim leeward manuals newman pearls periodicals reach sailboard sailing sailors schweitzer sheeting suit surf surfing wave wet windsurfing
P&P: UK 1st £2.84. UK 2nd £2.52. EU Surface £3.86. EU Air £4.10. ROW Surface £3.86. ROW Air £6.72

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Wedding Readings, Poems and Vows by confetti.co.uk (£9.50)Publisher: Hamlyn — 2007Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 0600616452]Condition: Very Good.Description: From the introduction: “Readings at your ceremony can add an extra-special meaning to the day. Wedding readings are by no means a necessary or legal part of the ceremony, but they enhance it and allow thoughts and feelings to be expressed that are not explicit in the statutory words. Readings are also a great way to involve family and friends in the ceremony.”Notes: Size: 8" x 6½". 160 pages. Tags: pentecostalists non-religious partnerships alternatives association suggestions inspiration partnership christopher shakespeare alternative everything wordsworth bradstreet traditions ceremonies schweitzer beatitudes alighieri elizabeth communion structure accepting statutory registrar outlining witnesses copyright coleridge religious receiving stevenson catholics reception anglicans jerusalem falsehood anthology tao-sheng testament centuries suggested christina steadfast mackworth together branches browning readings renewing rossetti
P&P: UK 1st £2.84. UK 2nd £2.52. EU Surface £3.86. EU Air £4.10. ROW Surface £3.86. ROW Air £6.72

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A Basic Guide to Eschatology: Making Sense of the Millenium by Millard J. Erickson (£7.50)Publisher: Grand Rapids: Baker Books — 1999Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 0801058368]Condition: Very Good. Upper wrapper slighty curled otherwise a very well presented copy. Description: A Later Printing.Notes: Size: C Format (8½" x 5½"). 197 pages. Tags: erickson schweitzer dodd bultmann molt postmillennialism millennialism premillennialism dispensationalism pretribulationism posttribulationism mediating positions 0801058368
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22

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