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The Battle of Leyte Gulf by Adrian Stewart (£18.50)Publisher: London: Robert Hale — 1979Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. Signed by the Author.[ISBN: 0709175442]Condition: Very Good+ - in Very Good+ DJ. Slight wear to edges of DJ.Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Maps; Signed by the author on the title page — unverified and reflected as such in the lack of premium.Notes: Size: 8¾" x 5½". Red boards with Silver titling to the Spine. 223 pages. Tags: philippine sea battle battles leyte gulf philippines war naval operations actions pacific ocean second 1939-1945 warfare
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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The Rise and Fall of Imperial Japan, 1894-1945 by Edited by S. L. Mayer (£16.00)Publisher: Bison Books — 1985Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 0861241428]Condition: Very Good — in Good Dust Wrapper. Dust wrapper a little rubbed at the edges, short closed and tape-reinforced to the spine ends. Text complete, clean and tight.Description: Reprint. [First: 1984 thus, previously published as ‘The Japanese War Machine’ in 1976] Maps to the endpapers. Illustrated with photographs, in colour & black and white. From the cover: “In 1868, Japan emerged from feudalism and civil conflict as a comparatively undeveloped industrial state in an age of European imperialism in East Asia. Within a generation, Japan had risen to the ranks of the foremost industrial and military powers in the Western Pacific. A generation later, Japan had become the paramount power in East Asia, and her naval and air forces spread Japanese power across the Pacific. The formidable weapon built in the name of the Emperor swept across China and Manchuria; her air forces pummelled Pearl Harbor and Darwin; her armies marched to Singapore and the gates of India. Her navies seized some Aleutian islands and strafed the California coast. By 1942 the world had come to know the power of the most devastating force in the Pacific — the Japanese War Machine.

The force and power of the Japanese War Machine is told here by some of the world’s leading experts in guns, tanks, planes, and ships of World War II. The drama of Japan’s seizure of Manchuria, the take-over of the State by the Army, the invasion of China, the simultaneous attack on Malaya, Hawaii, the Philippines and the oil-rich Dutch East Indies is told in all the horror and shock the Japanese invader placed before Western eyes. The fall of Singapore and Hong Kong, the conquest of Burma and Indo-China took place within a hundred days. The flag of the Rising Sun ruled a maritime empire from the Russian border to the gates of Australia, from Burma to Midway.

But the strength of the Japanese War Machine depended on Japanese industrial power, which in the end, was no match for the United States and its Allies. The Japanese soldier, infused with the warrior code of Bushido fought hard and long in New Guinea’s jungles; as the struggle was brought closer to Japan’s home islands, the Japanese soldier fought on tenaciously in the Philippines and on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The air forces began suicide missions, thekamikaze, which drove into Allied aircraft, heroically and fanatically.. .but all too little, too late. The nuclear holocaust, which ended World War II, left a ruined Japan and a wrecked Japanese War Machine.

THE RISE AND FALL OF IMPERIAL JAPAN is the tragic and noble history of a gallant people led into a misguided war. The millions who suffered in Asia and the Pacific in the wake of the Japanese War Machine bear silent tribute to its folly.”
Notes: Size: 12" x 8½". Black boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 255 pages. Tags: accord admiral agreement aircraft airfield aizaka akagi akatsuki akitsuki alamein aleutian alliance amagi ambassador amphibious anglo-japanese anti-comintern araki archipelago arima arisaka aritomo armada arsenal auchinleck aung baldwin baltic batavia battlecruisers battles battleships bernardino biak bilateral bismarck blarney blenheim bmw bose bougainville brooke-popham burma-siam camp cape carriers chandra changi changkufeng changsha chennault
P&P: UK 1st £6.00. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £9.06. EU Air £9.10. ROW Surface £9.06. ROW Air £16.72

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Last Post: The Final Word from Our First World War Soldiers by Max Arthur (£12.50)Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson — 2005Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 0297846442]Condition: Near Fine — in Near Fine Dustwrapper.Description: Illustrated with black and white photographs. From the cover: “Following the great success of the best-selling Forgotten Voices of the Great War, Max Arthur has found and interviewed the last twenty-one British veterans of the conflict. The oldest of these men is 109, the youngest 104. In their own words they describe the extraordinary changes that have occurred during their lifetimes. Born in the reign of Queen Victoria, all have lived as adults through the Depression, the Second World War and the Millennium. But for these men, the Great War was the defining period of their lives. Some of them, mere boys at the outbreak, lied about their ages to join up. They saw action in the trenches, at sea and in the fledgling air services.”Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". Cream boards with Red titling to the Spine. 272 pages. Tags: meuse-argonne porokovskikov skoda-porsche expeditionary anti-semitism ersatz-reserv straussenburg flamethrowers dellmensingen combined-arms passchendaele yarde-buller conscription disadvantage negotiations transylvania saint-hubert verdun-paris etain-verdun saint-mihiel anglo-french organization intelligence propagandist mobilization joseph-simon rennenkampf wissembourg switzerland wurttemberg verdun-metz bethincourt tirailleurs jean-joseph knobelsdorf minenwerfer tagliamento grandmaison philippines clemenceau millimetre hindenburg grignotage censorship clausewitz konstantin carpathian belleville controlled superieure fourteenth
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22
Forgotten Voices of the Great War by Max Arthur (£11.50)Publisher: Book People — 2002Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. Condition: Very Good - in Very Good DJ. A little shelfwear at head and tail of spine otherwise a very well presented copy.Description: From the cover: “In 1972 a team of academics and archivists from the imperial war museum set about the momentous task of tracing ordinary men and women who had lived through one of the most harrowing periods of modern history, the First World War. Veterans from Britain, Germany, America, Australia and Canada were interviewed in detail about their day-to-day experiences on and off the front. The archive has grown to be one of the most important of its kind in the world and provides a unique account of life during the Great War. These tapes, some of which have rested unheard for decades, contain the forgotten voices of a generation no longer with us. Now over thirty years on, after hundreds of hours in the archive, author Max Arthur has created this remarkable, landmark history of the First World War.”Notes: Foreword or introduction by Sir Martin Gilbert. Size: 8" x 5½". 326 pages. Tags: combined-arms dellmensingen meuse-argonne straussenburg passchendaele ersatz-reserv anti-semitism expeditionary skoda-porsche porokovskikov flamethrowers propagandist joseph-simon intelligence organization conscription anglo-french saint-mihiel etain-verdun yarde-buller disadvantage negotiations transylvania saint-hubert verdun-paris mobilization tagliamento philippines grandmaison rennenkampf minenwerfer knobelsdorf jean-joseph wissembourg switzerland wurttemberg verdun-metz bethincourt tirailleurs mangiennes malancourt saint-gond aubreville barrenkopf ludendorff propaganda bar-le-duc balfourier maximilian offensives montfaucon
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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Duel For the Sky: Ten Crucial Air Battles of World War II Vividly Recreated by Christopher Shores (£10.50)Publisher: Grub Street — 1999Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 189869799X]Condition: Very Good. Description: First in this, paperback, edition. Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Colour Drawings; Diagrams; Maps; Tables;Notes: Size: 10¾" x 8¼". 205 pages. Tags: air fighting warfare place the world aerial operations over great britain malta western front theatre south pacific philippines second war
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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The Weather Factor by Erik Durschmied (£9.50)Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton — 2000Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0340768053]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dustwrapper. Dustwrapper slightly ruffled at the edges. Leans slightly. Pages lightly age-tanned at the margins.Description: How Nature Has Changed History.Notes: Size: 8¾" x 5½". Blue boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 322 pages. Tags: unpredictability physiological meteorology miscellanea climatology forecasting predictions teutoburger philippines napoleon’s disasters sciences specific subjects campaign disaster elements vietnam, natural russian science aspects general lashing thunder country weather ecology freezes history fallout famine relief frozen impact social german centre potato battle soviet nature earth storm human skies bulge force dutch fleet world group falls life task navy high hail army rain alps pets wald seas war tet the
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22

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