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French Aircraft 1939-42: Fighters, Bombers, Reconnaissance and Observation Types by Dominique Breffort (£151.00)Publisher: Paris: Histoire & Collections — 2011Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 2352501970]Condition: Near Fine. Slightest rubbing to the tips of the wrappers otherwise a very well presented copy of an uncommon title. Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Colour Drawings; Maps; Tables;

From the cover: “Contrary to what was long believed and asserted, French Armée de I’Air was not crushed on the first day of the German attack, on 10 May 1940. For aircraft, France did have — and a lot! — and in particular it did have pilots who fought, who even fought very bravely, especially if you take into account the equipment they were using, that subtle blend of out-of-date and therefore vulnerable machines and new, modern aircraft with all their teething troubles which not always corrected. This book, which is actually the reissue, very substantially increased, of volumes 7 and 8 of the Planes & Pilots series bearing the same title and published by Histoire & Collections in 2004-2005, provides a comprehensive overview of military aircraft of the crucial period in the history of the Armée de I’Air extending from the beginning of World War II to the dissolution of the aviation of the Vichy regime. From Amiot to Potez, all fighters, bombers, reconnaissance and observation planes used by the Armée de I’Air between 1939 and 1942, produced in France or purchased abroad, are presented by alphabetical order, supplemented by an overview presentation of the main prototypes built and flying before the end of hostilities but which circumstances prevented from being produced in series, even though this was planned and indeed sometimes already started.”
Notes: Illustrated by Andre´ Jouineau [Profiles]. Size: 11¾" x 9". 160 pages. Tags: french france air history war 1939-1945 airplanes military 20th century aerial operations battles campaigns second vehicles forces warfare aviation europe bombers fighters pilots luftwaffe vichy regime
P&P: UK 1st £6.00. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £9.06. EU Air £9.10. ROW Surface £9.06. ROW Air £16.72

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So Few by John Golley (£52.00)Publisher: W. H. Smith — 1992Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 0906782929]Condition: Very Good - in Very Good DJ. DJ slightly ruffled at the top edge otherwise a very well presented copy.Description: Originally produced in a limited edition, this is the reprint. It comprises the individual thoughts and feelings of 25 surviving Battle of Britain aircrew and includes a silhouette portrait of each man as he is today, together with, where possible, a photograph of him taken in 1940, a handwritten reminiscence bringing those hectic days powerfully to life, and a photograph of personal memorabilia telling its own story.Notes: Foreword or introduction by H. R. H. The Duke of Kent. Size: 13" x 9½". 273 pages. Tags: RAF battle britain luftwaffe spitfire me109 hurricane big wing bader the few pilots
P&P: UK 1st £8.25. UK 2nd £9.24. EU Surface £12.96. EU Air £12.85. ROW Surface £12.96. ROW Air £24.22

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The Blitz Then and Now Volume 1: September 3, 1939 to September 6, 1940 by Edited By Winston G. Ramsey (£40.00)Publisher: London: Battle of Britain Prints International — 1987Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0900913452]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Facsimiles; Diagrams; Maps; Illustrated endpapers and blanks;

From the cover: “Volume 1 of a trilogy spanning the air war on Britain, The Blitz Then and Now, this book covers the first year, the period from phoney war to total war: September 3, 1939 to September 6, 1940. Beginning with endless air raid warnings and a sense of unreality, it was a phase which was to culminate in Hitler threatening to raze Britain’s cities to the ground.

As a direct source of the day-to-day effects of Luftwaffe operations over Britain at the time, the book utilises extracts from the 24-hour log compiled by the Ministry of Home Security, and this provides a contemporary diary of events as they affected the Home Front. These entries ideally form the setting for a detailed record of the losses sustained by the Luftwaffe over Britain and within sight of land: a barometer of the air war, showing clearly the changing climate of hostilities. Until the summer of 1940 these were mainly reconnaissance flights and attacks on shipping, which gathered pace after Dunkirk as the air attack on Britain and the Royal Air Force escalated through its several stages as a prelude to invasion. Every German crash on land is listed with its crew, and footnotes are included on all those which are known to have been investigated or excavated since the end of the war, together with photographs of some of the more interesting discoveries.

Features and special articles by historians and eyewitnesses intersperse the daily happenings, illustrating life at the time on both the civilian and service fronts, and contrasting descriptions by German airmen give us an insight into just what it was like to be on the other side.

Even now, within a single generation, it seems another world… a part of history… yet the link with the present day is depicted by the comparison ‘then and now’ photographs which are a central feature of all After the Battle publications.

For its unique photographic coverage, and its contribution to the literature of the period, this book is likely to serve as an incomparable record in the years to come.”
Notes: Jacket designed by From a painting by George A. Campbell. Size: 12" x 8½". Black boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 336 pages. Tags: world war 1939-1945 aerial operations german great britain air england history second military europe technology transportation aviation aircraft interest winston ramsey 0900913452 then and now first editions firsts printings 1st
P&P: UK 1st £6.75. UK 2nd £6.68. EU Surface £10.36. EU Air £10.35. ROW Surface £10.36. ROW Air £19.22

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German Aces of the Russian Front by John Weal (£33.00)Publisher: Osprey Publishing — 2002Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 1841766208]Condition: Near Fine. Description: First in this, paperback, edition. Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Colour Drawings; Diagrams;

From the cover: “Luftwaffe pilots of the Russian Front were the highest scoring aces of any aerial conflict in history. This book traces the careers of the pilots who flew the Fw 190 and the Bf 109 in the skies over Russia, and reveals how they achieved their remarkable successes. The Bf 109 was the most commonly used fighter on the Front, and saw action from Operation Barbarossa through to the Defence of the Reich in 1945. The Fw 190, meanwhile, proved itself to be arguably Germany’s best piston-engined fighter, with many of its aces scoring over 100 kills.”
Notes: Size: 9¾" x 7¼". 192 pages. Tags: germany luftwaffe history world war pictorial works aerial operations german campaigns russia federation fighter planes 20th century pilots biography
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22

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The Rise and Fall of the German Air Force 1933-1945 with a New Introduction by Air Commodore H. A. Probert by H. A. Probert (£24.00)Publisher: Arms & Armour Press — 1987Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 0853685606]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Description: 2nd impression. [First Edition: 1987] Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Maps; Tables;

From the cover: “This facsimile reprint of an official, formerly restricted publication relates the operational history of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, in addition to its origins and build-up during the Nazi period of the 1930s. Based on German documents and statistics, either captured during the war or subsequently recovered from the scattered archives of the Luftwaffe, it provides a clear and concise narrative:”

  • The reconstruction of the German Air Force -secret beginnings, Hitler's influence, the Spanish Civil War, and the prelude to World War.
  • The German Air Force on the eve of European War -strength, equipment, production, manpower, organisation, and combat doctrines.
  • The first flush of tactical success-from Warsaw to France.
  • The first failure-Britain and the Atlantic.
  • Hitler's Continental policy -the invasion of the Balkans, the Crete landings and the German Air Force in Italy.
  • The Mediterranean Campaigns, 1941-1942 -Malta, the Western Desert and the Tunisian campaign.
  • The Russian Campaign -the First Phase, June 1941-December 1942.
  • The Holding Campaign in the West, 1941-43 -air defence against night bombing and air operations over Great Britain.
  • The German Air Force at the end of 1942
  • Diminished resources, production, manpower and supply problems, yet a growing burden of operational commitments.
  • The Russian Campaign in 1943-44 - recovery after Stalingrad, the last of the Blitzkrieg and the Luftwaffe's failure in Russia.
  • The Mediterranean Campaign 1943-1944
  • Sicily and the Allied invasions of Italy.
  • The Defence of the Reich, 1943-44-the Allied day and night bombing offensives and the night-fighter war.
  • The German Air Force on the eve of the second front, January-June 1944 -the Allied attack on the German aircraft industry, jet aircraft and preparations to meet the Anglo-American invasion.
  • The Invasion and the Hying bombs.
  • The crippling of the Luftwaffe- fuel resources and the desperate defence of the German oil industry.
  • The Eastern Front -the Russian advance into Poland.
  • The final defence of Germany.
Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". Blue boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. [XXI] 425 pages. Tags: germany luftwaffe history world war 1939-1945 kriegsmarine aerial operations german air forces probert 0853685606
P&P: UK 1st £5.25. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £7.76. EU Air £7.85. ROW Surface £7.76. ROW Air £14.22

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Hitler's Luftwaffe: A Pictorial History and Technical Encyclopedia of Hitler's Air Power in World War II by Tony Wood & Bill Gunston (£22.50)Publisher: London: Salamander Books Ltd. — 1977Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 0861010051]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. A little rubbing to the edges of the dust wrapper with a small nick to the bottom corner of the upper panel. Text complete, clean and tight. Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Colour Photographs; Black & White Drawings; Colour Drawings; Diagrams;Notes: Size: 12" x 8¾". Red boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 248 pages. Tags: germany luftwaffe airplanes military war 1939-1945 aerial operations german history air encyclopaedias
P&P: UK 1st £6.75. UK 2nd £6.68. EU Surface £10.36. EU Air £10.35. ROW Surface £10.36. ROW Air £19.22

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Finest Hour by Phil Craig; Tim Clayton; (£19.00)Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton — 1999Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. Signed by the Author.[ISBN: 0340750413]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Gently bruised at the head of the spine and the top corners of the boards with commensurate wear to the dust wrapper.Description: Signed by both authors on the title page - unverified and reflected as such in the lack of premium but the book carries promotional sticker to the upper panel. Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Facsimiles; Maps [1];

From the cover: “Sixty years ago, Europe lay at Hitler’s feet. Britain faced its darkest hour — outnumbered and friendless as the German army continued its advance. Defeat or capitulation seemed inevitable. But instead a legend was bom.

Taking its readers on a breath-taking journey from open lifeboats in Atlantic gales to the cockpits of burning fighter-planes, and through cities devastated by the Blitz, Finest Hour recreates the terror, the tragedy and the triumph of the Battle of Britain.

This powerful account of the events of 1940, is told through the voices, diaries, letters and memoirs of the men and women who lived, loved, fought and died during this terrible yet inspiring year. These searing personal testimonies, taken from over a hundred original interviews, are combined with a fresh and often controversial account of the elaborate political intrigues and betrayals of the period — the Royal Navy assault on the French fleet and America’s secret plans to cope with Britain’s defeat.

Finest Hour blends original historical research with the experiences of ordinary people in desperate times. Cutting through the nostalgic haze, this book enables readers to experience something of a time — still within common living memory — when a nation’s darkest hour became its finest.”
Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". Black boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 418 pages. Tags: armourers hurricane no. squadron seclin airfield lain nethercott two-pounder pom-pom hms keith emie leggett 4th royal tank regiment bob burroughs mark light tanks marrin mclane hitler the blitz royal navy america’s secret plans david low 234 squadron spitfire for doe’ ground crew german reconnaissance plane 501 squadron hawkinge
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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Combat Aircraft of World War Two by Elke C. Weal (£16.00)Publisher: London: Arms & Armour Press — 1977Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0853681910]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Description: Illustrated by way of: Colour Plates [80]; Tables; Plans;Notes: Illustrated by John A. Weal & Richard F. Barker. Size: 12¼" x 9½". Green boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 238 pages. Tags: airplanes military history data combat aircraft war 1939-1945 aerial operations germany luftwaffe technical
P&P: UK 1st £6.75. UK 2nd £6.68. EU Surface £10.36. EU Air £10.35. ROW Surface £10.36. ROW Air £19.22

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Six Months To Oblivion: The Eclipse Of The Luftwaffe Fighter Force by Gerbig Werner (£14.50)Publisher: Purnell — 1975Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Gently faded at the spine of the dust wrapper.Description: Illustrated with black and white photographs. From the cover: “This book covers the last chapter, the decline and the end of air defence in Germany. It is a diary of losses and a chronicle in which the grass-roots fighter pilot plays the lead. It tells of the young men who joined their squadrons full of optimism and derring-do, only to give their lives to no purpose in a last desperate endeavour. Its focal point is the controversial Operation Baseplate on the morning of New Year’s Day 1945, an operation in which the German fighter force received its final mortal wound. Losing some 230 aircrew in less than 4 hours, the fighter units suffered their most severe defeat. Only now, after years of evaluation of all available sources, can the true figures of fighter losses on January 1st, 1945 be reported. Imagination boggles at the tragic events that took place in the skies over Germany and the West as the War neared its end; even in the perspective of history the full extent of the debacle can scarcely be depicted. The facts that mainly characterise the end of air defence over Germany and in the, West are these: neglect of the fighter force in favour of an ‘offensive air capability’; the inability of the high commands of the Luftwaffe and the Wehrmacht to appreciate the significance of what was actually going on in Germany’s skies; the lack of replacement pilots, and of fuel; the Allied superiority in numbers and equipment as the War drew to its close; and finally, in East and West alike, the penny-packeting of the forces still available.”Notes: Size: 9¼" x 6¼". 140 pages. Tags: jagdgeschwader morgengraven thunderbolt operations jagdwaffe deutschen untergang baseplate luftwaffe fighters ardennes mustang galland germany chronik battles aerial hitler gerbig goring german volkel werner eighth me110 fw109 eine vom der
P&P: UK 1st £2.84. UK 2nd £2.52. EU Surface £3.86. EU Air £4.10. ROW Surface £3.86. ROW Air £6.72

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The Eighth Army's Greatest Victories by Adrian Stewart (£14.50)Publisher: Leo Cooper — 1999Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0850526663]Condition: Very Good+ - in Very Good+ DJ.Description: Alam Halfa to Tunis, 1942-43. Illustrated with B&W photographs. From the cover: “Whereas the early successes of the Axis powers in North Africa during the Second World War have been loudly praised, the far more conclusive victories of the British Eighth Army during the period August 1942 to May 1943 have received little credit. This informed yet very readable account examines the considerable problems faced and overcome by the commanders and men of Eighth Army. It describes their achievements and assesses their forgotten victories. New information is thrown on the highly significant Battle of Alam Halfa, the reasons for the escape of the bulk of Rommel’s defeated forces after El Alamein, the contribution of Ultra and the close co-operation of the Eighth Army and its all too often ignored partner, the Desert Air Force.”Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". Brown boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 216 pages. Tags: djebel alam halfa panzers mareth line eighth army units alexander churchill montgomery leese lumsden montgomery horrocks rommel kesselring luftwaffe units north africa 88mm anti-tank gun british crusader boston bombers hurricanes no. squadron grant tanks british 6-pounder german mark iii special german prisoners alamein sappers von thoma mersa matruh halfaya pass stuart tank raf petrol bowser tripoli anti-tank gun leclerc’s force anti-tank hurricane the mareth line gabes gap tunis mendenine wadi akarit panzerarmee afrika’s
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22

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Storming Eagles: German Airborne Forces in World War Two by James Lucas (£14.00)Publisher: Arms & Armour Press — 1988Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0853688796]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Maps;

From the cover: “The pilot throttled back — it would not be long now. The light on the bulkhead showed red. It was the signal “make ready!” Two minutes to go. The ‘dispatcher walked along the body of the machine checking that each man’s static line was firmly fixed to the jump wire. By the time he had completed his task the bulkhead light had changed to green. “Ready to jump!” and we moved forward to the exit door on the port side of the aircraft. Two of the Ju crew has already removed the door, and we could feel the air blowing in. Our sergeant would be the first to jump. He stood braced in the doorway looking slightly upwards as per the drill book. He would not have seen that the light on the bulkhead had changed to white, but at the sound of the klaxon horn he flung himself forward and out of the machine, to be followed by the rest of us in quick succession. When each man jumped the Junkers bounced upwards a little in the air as the aircraft load was lightened…

In that exclusive number of elite German fighting formations of the Second World War, the paratroops rank high. During the blitzkrieg of 1940, they spearheaded the attack, dropping from the air to sieze key points — and demonstrating that a new dimension had been added to the science of war.

Their most spectacular success was the invasion and capture of Crete in May 1941. But the cost was terrible: one in four of the paratroopers who dropped on to the island perished. For the rest of the war the parachute troops were used almost exclusively in a ground role. They remained, however, an elite, justifying again and again their great reputation for courage and hard fighting in Russia, North Africa and in Italy. Their dogged defence of Monte Cassino demonstrated their prowess as street fighting specialists; despite intensive bombing, bombardment and infantry assault, they held on to the monastery for more than three months, halting the Allied advance and withdrawing only when the position had been outflanked.

This book provides the first major account of these legendary soldiers, illustrated throughout with photographs collected from a wide range of sources. The author, James Lucas, has researched deep into Allied and captured German archives, and has interviewed many of the leading members of the Fallschirmjaeger units and formations who survived the war.”
Notes: Jacket designed by David Gibbons. Size: 10" x 7¾". Black boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 191 pages. Tags: germany heer airborne troops fallschirmjaeger history parachute luftwaffe fallschirmja¨ger world war 1939-1945 aerial operations german armed forces military units 1935-1945 personnel land warfare james lucas 0853688796 first editions firsts printings 1st
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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Hermann Göring: Hitler Paladin or Puppet? by Wolfgang Paul (£13.00)Publisher: Brockhampton — 1998Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 1860199224]Condition: Good+ - in Good+ DJ. Edges of DJ somewhat ruffled, laminate lifting along 1" at the head of the upper panel. Leans slightly.Description: Illustrated with B&W photographs. This comprehensive and deeply researched biography charts his colourful career, which grew out of a luxurious upbringing and successful education to early achievements in the 1914-18 conflict, first as an infantry officer and winner of the Iron Cross for bravery, then as a fighter pilot, successor to von Richthofen, and the award of the Pour le Mérit. Noting that the inter-war years brought marriage into a wealthy Swedish family and early meeting with Hitler at Munich, the evidence is provided of the good impression Goring made on his future Führer. Was Hitler impressed by the military deeds and awards that he himself lacked? Did he misread Goring’s abilities? Was he correct in believing the man capable of high command only to find him wanting in the crisis days of World War Two.Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". 286 pages. Tags: Iron Cross Hitler Pour Mérit Führer Richthofen high command World War Two Nazi leaders Reichstag Mautemdorf Luftwaffe Carinhall Weimar Prussian
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72
Fighters of the Luftwaffe by Joachim Dressel & Manfred Greihl (£12.50)Publisher: London: Arms & Armour Press — 1993Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 1854091395]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper.Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Tables;

From the cover: “In this encyclopedic new work, the combined talents of two leading German aviation historians have produced possibly the ultimate illustrated reference to all German fighter aircraft. Most of the 300-plus original photographs have never been published before and they superbly illustrate all sub-types and development models of more than 30 aircraft.

All types are included: the advanced designs in the rearmament of the 1930s, such as the Heinkel 112, Henschel 121 and Messerschmitt 109, through every wartime fighter, including the FW 190A-D models, Bf 210 and Me 410, Ta 152, He 219 and Do 335, and full coverage of the development of the revolutionary jet and rocket aircraft in which Germany was far in advance of the Allies.

The appeal of this book is also in the range of aircraft photographs, which show special power-plant, radar and weapons developments as well as unusual unit markings, photos of types in manufacture and operational conversions in the field — all rarely seen. The accompanying text emphasises the development of the Luftwaffe fighters, with facts and figures on the huge range of variants and sub-types under testing and of which little is known — for example, the evolution of the standard Bf 109 into the P 1091 Extreme High Altitude Fighter of almost 60,000-feet operational ceiling.

There are numerous books on this subject, but few can boast the number and diversity of new illustrations and the comprehensive nature of the technical data in this superb new study. Restorers, collectors, historians and modellers will relish the wealth of fresh information offered by such a volume which sheds much new light on a subject previously considered incomplete.”
Notes: Size: 11" x 8¾". Greeh boards with Yellow titling to the Spine. 160 pages. Tags: germany luftwaffe fighter planes history world war aircraft aeronautical engineering second aeroplanes aviation air military vehicles warfare bombers aerial operations german
P&P: UK 1st £6.00. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £9.06. EU Air £9.10. ROW Surface £9.06. ROW Air £16.72

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The Battle of Britain: The Jubilee History by Richard Hough; Denis Richards; (£11.50)Publisher: Guild — 1990Binding: Hardback Condition: Very Good - in Very Good DJ. DJ slightly ruffled at the edges.Description: From the cover: “The victory of the Battle of Britain ranks with Marathon and the Marne as a decisive point in history. At 1 Denis Richards, co-author of the official history of RAF operations in World War Two, and Richard Hough, the historian and biographer, have collaborated to write this magnificent new account for the general reader; as well as offering vivid descriptions of the air fighting, it explains with great authority how both sides developed their air forces in the inter-war years, a necessary prelude to a true understanding of the Battle itself. It provides fresh insights into the controversies of the time and makes use of original material derived from interviews and correspondence with over three hundred surviving air-crew and ground staff.”Notes: Size: 8" x 5¼". Blue boards with Silver titling to the Spine. 413 pages. Tags: fighter command luftwaffe aircraft air defence raf anti-aircraft balloon defence spitfires bombing air fight junkers stukas messerschmitt civil defence zeppelin gotha dornie merlin radar tower 610 squadron pilots dowding blitz invasion hurricanes
P&P: UK 1st £3.38. UK 2nd £2.92. EU Surface £5.16. EU Air £5.35. ROW Surface £5.16. ROW Air £9.22

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German Luftwaffe in World War II by Chris Mcnab (£10.50)Publisher: London: Amber Books — 2009Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 1906626200]Condition: Very Good+ — in Very Good+ Dust Wrapper. Description: Illustrated by way of: Diagrams; Maps; Tables; Illustrated endpapers and blanks;Notes: Size: 9¾" x 7¾". Matching Pictorial boards. In the Order of Battle series. 192 pages. Tags: order battle germany luftwaffe history war 1939-1945 aerial operations german britain combat aviation imperial air service goring fighter rearmament
P&P: UK 1st £5.25. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £7.76. EU Air £7.85. ROW Surface £7.76. ROW Air £14.22

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Malta George Cross: Victory in the Air by Richard J. Caruana (£10.50)Publisher: Modelaid International Publications — 1997Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 1971767121]Condition: Very Good. Description: 2nd edition, 1st printing, [First Published: 1996] Illustrated by way of: Black and White Photographs;

From the cover: “This twelfth book by Richard J. Caruana is being presented after many years of study and a world-wide search for photographs of the period. In fact, illustrations form the backbone of this book. Until now, wartime photographs had to be accepted for what they were and these were generally of poor quality. Considering wartime censorship and scarcity of photographic films and processing materials, it is a miracle that photos of any quality at all have survived. Latest technology in electronic photo scanning and retouching has made it possible to bring most of these old pictures back to what they would have looked like when taken over fifty years ago. Over 400 photographs reproduced within the covers of this book have been individually enhanced and restored — a great labour of love which hopefully will be fully appreciated by all.”
Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¾". 255 pages. Tags: malta history military world war aerial operations mosquitoes blenheims action reconnaissance from bombers night and day fleet air arm debut the stuka luftwaffe sicily acchis reggianes savoias over central mediterranean richard caruana
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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Ricky by Ricky Tomlinson (£10.50)Publisher: Ted Smart — 2003Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0316861987]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Pages very gently age-tanned.Description: First in this edition. [First: Time Warner] Illustrated with black and white photographs. From the cover: “Famous as the lovable couch potato Jim Royle of The Royle Family, Ricky Tomlinson has launched a thousand one-liners and entertained millions without ever leaving his armchair. Now, in his long-awaited autobiography, he surprises yet again with a remarkable story of love, hardship, humour, injustice and triumph.

His mother used to tell him that he had lived three lives, but even she miscounted. He has been a plasterer, banjo player, stand-up comic, union agitator, political activist, film extra, award-winning actor and unwilling guest of Her Majesty’s prison service.

As a child he shared a bed with his three brothers, listening to the Luftwaffe dropping bombs on the Liverpool docks. He married young and raised a family, but his world came crashing down after the national building strike in 1971. Jailed on conspiracy charges, he became known as one of the ‘shrewsbury Two’ and was regarded by many as a political prisoner. There were mass protests, hunger strikes and demonstrations around the country.

On his release from jail he was blacklisted by the building industry and labelled a subversive by MI5. Unable to get work, he became a stand-up comic in pubs and clubs, until at the unlikely age of forty he was chosen by Roland Joffe to star in the controversial TV drama United Kingdom.

It was the beginning of a remarkable acting career, in which he has worked with acclaimed directors such as Joffe, Ken Loach and Shane Meadows, as well as writers like Jimmy McGovern, Alan Bleasedale and Paul Abbott. He has starred in TV shows such as Brookside, Cracker, Clocking Off and Nice Guy Eddie as well as films like Riff Raff; Raining Stones, The 51st State and Mike Bassett, England Manager.

A born storyteller who is renowned and respected for his honesty, wit and integrity, Ricky brings all of these qualities to his extraordinary life story.”
Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". Pictorial boards. 370 pages. Tags: 51st activist actors actresses agitator amongst and arts asterer autobiography award-winning banjo bassett biography britain brookside clocking comic cracker eddie england entertainment extra fictional film general great guest guy has her his into liverpool lives made majesty's male manager many mike music nice off others performing player political prison raining ricky rita series service soon stand-up starred state stones television theatre tomlinson union unwilling wife with works
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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The Luftwaffe in Camera 1939-1942 by Alfred Price (£10.50)Publisher: Sutton Publishing — 1997Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0750916354]Condition: Very Good+ — in Very Good+ Dust Wrapper. Description: Jacket illustration: Heinkel He 111 of KG 100 during operations on the Eastern Front, 1941. Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs;

From the cover: “At the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, Reichsmarshal Herman Goering’s Luftwaffe stood poised on the brink of great conquests. Equipped with the best aircraft designs that German know-how could offer, and flown into battle by highly trained and supremely confident aircrews, the Luftwaffe was arguably the most modern and powerful air force the world had ever seen.

This is the first of two volumes featuring a wide range of fascinating archive photographs of the Luftwaffe taken during the Second World War. It covers the Luftwaffe’s first three years of war and depicts its aircraft, operations and men as they supported the German Army in its devastating Blitzkrieg campaign. First to fall to the victorious armies of the Third Reich were Poland, Denmark and Norway, then the Low Countries and France, followed by Yugoslavia and Greece, in a run of spectacular victories.

The only serious setback for the Luftwaffe in this period was during the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940 when it failed in its bid to gain air superiority in the skies over southern England. Although it suffered serious losses at the hands of RAF Fighter Command, by the spring of 1941 the Luftwaffe was stronger than it had been at the start of the Battle of Britain.

In June 1941 Hitler launched another all-out Blitzkrieg offensive, this time in the East against Russia. With powerful air-support from the Luftwaffe the German Army won battle after battle, but the long-promised collapse of Soviet resistance seemed always to remain out of reach. Then, with the onset of the bitter Russian winter, the scales began to tip in favour of the Russians.

Over several years the author has toured Germany to visit and interview Luftwaffe veterans. The majority of photographs that appear in this book come from their personal albums. Together they provide a unique pictorial record of this crucial phase in twentieth-century history.”
Notes: Size: 10¾" x 8". Black boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. [XI] 180 pages. Tags: germany luftwaffe world war goering night blitz britain battle britain second air forces focke wulffe fighter heinkel heavy bomber dornier esserschmitt aerial operations german
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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Convoy! Drama In Artic Waters by Paul Kemp (£9.50)Publisher: Brockhampton Press — 1999Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 1860199690]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dust Wrapper. Dust wrapper very slightly rubbed at the edges. Text complete, clean and tight. Description: Jacket illustration: Convoy PQ18: The Mass Attack by Ju 88 Bombers of the Luftwaffe on Convoy PQ18 by John Hamilton. . Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Tables;

From the cover: “Some of the most hard-fought naval actions of World War Two took place in the most northerly waters of the world — the Arctic Ocean. Ships progressively covered in ice, their crews steadfast in the bitter cold, battled through heavy seas, all the while under threat of attack from German submarines, aircraft and surface ships, as they braved the route from Britain to northern Russia.

The PQ/QP convoys began in late September 1941 and continued throughout the war. Despite pre-war ambivalence between Britain and Russia, the danger of the common enemy in Germany clearly dictated that all aid possible be provided — but the greatest challenge was yet again that of limited Allied naval resources being over-committed.

German forces were initially slow to react to the vulnerability of the regular, heavily laden convoys but quickly concentrated aircraft, submarines, destroyers and heavy ships in Norwegian bases. It was there, in her northern fiord lair, that Bismarck’s powerful sister-ship Tirpitz waited for the opportunity to intercept and prey upon the slow-moving convoys. Thus Britain was forced to retain large capital ship superiority close at hand to counter the threat of a heavy strike by these Kriegsmarine units.

Weather conditions made service on the PQ routes a constant battle to survive against the bitter wind, hard packed ice and sub-zero temperatures. Nevertheless, the supplies kept going through. And the cost to the Allies was high. For supplying the Russians with close on £500,000,000 worth of vital weapons, transport and ammunition, 18 warships and 104 merchant vessels were sunk. The materiel losses resulting from the debacle of Convoy PQ17 alone were the equivalent of a major land battle.

The Arctic convoys still exert a special fascination for the historian, and the exciting nature of the actions is well delivered in this new study by a popular naval writer. Paul Kemp sets the scene for the history of the convoys before a lively narrative covering their entire history. Highlights include a full section on PQ17 alone and a stirring account of the Battle of the North Cape.

Meticulously researched from original operational orders and reports, and including new Russian perspectives, this is an authoritative history as well as an entertaining narrative account of a fascinating period of naval history.”
Notes: Size: 9½" x 6¼". Pictorial boards. 256 pages. Tags: great britain royal navy history world war 1939-1945 20th century campaigns arctic ocean naval operations russian blockades british military 1939 1945 including ww2 europe technology engineering science european paul kemp 1860199690
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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