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The Rise and Fall of Imperial Japan, 1894-1945 by Edited by S. L. Mayer (£16.00)Publisher: Bison Books — 1985Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 0861241428]Condition: Very Good — in Good Dust Wrapper. Dust wrapper a little rubbed at the edges, short closed and tape-reinforced to the spine ends. Text complete, clean and tight.Description: Reprint. [First: 1984 thus, previously published as ‘The Japanese War Machine’ in 1976] Maps to the endpapers. Illustrated with photographs, in colour & black and white. From the cover: “In 1868, Japan emerged from feudalism and civil conflict as a comparatively undeveloped industrial state in an age of European imperialism in East Asia. Within a generation, Japan had risen to the ranks of the foremost industrial and military powers in the Western Pacific. A generation later, Japan had become the paramount power in East Asia, and her naval and air forces spread Japanese power across the Pacific. The formidable weapon built in the name of the Emperor swept across China and Manchuria; her air forces pummelled Pearl Harbor and Darwin; her armies marched to Singapore and the gates of India. Her navies seized some Aleutian islands and strafed the California coast. By 1942 the world had come to know the power of the most devastating force in the Pacific — the Japanese War Machine.

The force and power of the Japanese War Machine is told here by some of the world’s leading experts in guns, tanks, planes, and ships of World War II. The drama of Japan’s seizure of Manchuria, the take-over of the State by the Army, the invasion of China, the simultaneous attack on Malaya, Hawaii, the Philippines and the oil-rich Dutch East Indies is told in all the horror and shock the Japanese invader placed before Western eyes. The fall of Singapore and Hong Kong, the conquest of Burma and Indo-China took place within a hundred days. The flag of the Rising Sun ruled a maritime empire from the Russian border to the gates of Australia, from Burma to Midway.

But the strength of the Japanese War Machine depended on Japanese industrial power, which in the end, was no match for the United States and its Allies. The Japanese soldier, infused with the warrior code of Bushido fought hard and long in New Guinea’s jungles; as the struggle was brought closer to Japan’s home islands, the Japanese soldier fought on tenaciously in the Philippines and on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. The air forces began suicide missions, thekamikaze, which drove into Allied aircraft, heroically and fanatically.. .but all too little, too late. The nuclear holocaust, which ended World War II, left a ruined Japan and a wrecked Japanese War Machine.

THE RISE AND FALL OF IMPERIAL JAPAN is the tragic and noble history of a gallant people led into a misguided war. The millions who suffered in Asia and the Pacific in the wake of the Japanese War Machine bear silent tribute to its folly.”
Notes: Size: 12" x 8½". Black boards with Gilt titling to the Spine. 255 pages. Tags: accord admiral agreement aircraft airfield aizaka akagi akatsuki akitsuki alamein aleutian alliance amagi ambassador amphibious anglo-japanese anti-comintern araki archipelago arima arisaka aritomo armada arsenal auchinleck aung baldwin baltic batavia battlecruisers battles battleships bernardino biak bilateral bismarck blarney blenheim bmw bose bougainville brooke-popham burma-siam camp cape carriers chandra changi changkufeng changsha chennault
P&P: UK 1st £6.00. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £9.06. EU Air £9.10. ROW Surface £9.06. ROW Air £16.72

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Surprise Attack by Peter Darman (£12.50)Publisher: Blitz — 1994Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. [ISBN: 1856052281]Condition: Very Good — in Very Good Dustwrapper. Dustwrapper very slightly rubbed at the edges, ¼" nick to the foot of the lower panel.Description: With the aid of 120 well-crafted full-colour maps, each with a comprehensive supporting text, Surprise Attack features the most famous and decisive actions fought by the world's outstanding units in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Africa and Central America.Notes: Size: 12¼" x 9¼". Pictorial boards. 176 pages. Tags: marine corps guadalcanal tarawa iwo jima inchon khe sanh and hue rangers sened pass d-day grenada airborne forces bastogne corregidor dak hamburger hill panama waffen demyansk pocket kursk cherkassy normandy french foreign legipn dien bien phu kolwezi british parachute regiment bruneval arnhem suez goose green israeli paras mitla
P&P: UK 1st £5.25. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £7.76. EU Air £7.85. ROW Surface £7.76. ROW Air £14.22

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The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal: Exploring the Ghost Fleet of the South Pacific by Robert D. Ballard with Rick Archbold (£12.50)Publisher: New York: Warner Books — 1993Binding: Hardback in a Dust Wrapper. First Edition. [ISBN: 0446516368]Condition: Very Good — in Good Dust Wrapper. A little rubbing to the edges of the dust wrapper, more heavily to the top corners which are near frayed, which is sunned at the spine. Text complete, clean and tight. Description: Illustrated by way of: Black & White Photographs; Colour Photographs; Maps;

From the cover: “IRON BOTTOM SOUND… IT GETS ITS NAME FROM ALL the ships that sank there. From August to November of 1942 the tropical waters off the small island of Guadalcanal were the scene of some of the fiercest sea battles of World War II. Fifty years later, Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic and the Bismarck, took his exploration team to Guadalcanal. Their goal was not one ship but an entire naval battlefield. On board were some of the men who had served on those ships that now lay beneath Iron Bottom Sound. The memories of these survivors help tell a powerful, poignant story of men and ships and war.

The Lost Ships of Guadalcanal re-creates the whole story of the campaign that changed the course of the Pacific war. For all the fame of its air and land battles, Guadalcanal is also a compelling story of sailors and warships. In fact, more Americans died in Guadalcanal waters than on land. The terror and confusion of night naval action is conveyed here in gripping chapters that describe first the bitter American defeat in the Battle of Savo Island and then the struggle to eventual victory in the climactic Naval Battle of Guadalcanal. We then descend in Ballard’s submarine to view scenes of American, Australian, and Japanese ships lying together on the ocean floor, their guns still eerily pointing at each other.

With over 300 illustrations, this book has all the pictorial richness that helped make bestsellers of Robert Ballard’s two previous books, The Discovery of the Titanic and The Discovery of the Bismarck. Haunting pictures of the wrecks are paired with photographs of the ships in their prime; a spectacular full-page foldout reveals the USS Quincy and the Canberra, painted in accurate detail by maritime artist Ken Marschall. Full-colour maps and diagrams plus a host of paintings and present-day photographs help to both re-create this extraordinary chapter in the history of the Pacific war and convey the excitement of modern underwater exploration.”
Notes: Size: 11¼" x 8¾". Blue boards with Gilt titling to the Spine & Upper Board. 227 pages. Tags: underwater archaeology solomon islands guadalcanal island shipwrecks marine naval engineering ships operations actions pacific ocean second war salvage battle historic sites
P&P: UK 1st £6.00. UK 2nd £5.95. EU Surface £9.06. EU Air £9.10. ROW Surface £9.06. ROW Air £16.72

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Okinawa 1945: The Stalingrad of the Pacific by George Feifer (£9.50)Publisher: Tempus — 2005Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 0752433245]Condition: Near Fine.Description: From the cover: “As the siege of Stalingrad was the ultimate scene of carnage at the Eastern Front, the battle of Okinawa proved to be the bloodiest of the Pacific war. Almost the entire Japanese kamikaze effort of the Second World War was directed against the Americans at Okinawa. At the beginning of the battle on 1 April 1945, over one million Americans, Japanese and Okinawans were centred on the small Pacific island; by 23 June, when the Japanese commanders committed seppuku, 250,000 civilians and soldiers were dead. More people died during the battle of Okinawa than in the ensuing bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. Okinawa 1945 offers a stunning account of the last major campaign of the Second World War and the largest land-sea-air engagement. Superbly researched and extraordinarily detailed, Okinawa 1945 is told at the level of the participants themselves, soldiers and civilians alike, with the dramatic stories of three individuals running through the entire account.”Notes: Size: Trade Paperback (9¼" x 6"). 447 pages. Tags: indefatigable westmoreland bougainville heichachiro guadalcanal yaeju-dake battleship fuyittsuki convention hackleback vandegrift enterprise horseshoe forrestal woodhouse hiroshima ikemiyagi troopship singapore doolittle yoshizumi steinbeck churchill chocolate freighter shigenori argentina peninsula korechika dereshuck blackburn zimmerman goncharov gushichan yoza-dake gushikawa yorichaka mitsumasa destroyer submarine yamaguchi bonaparte alexander hiromichi clarence minister tennozan decisive marshall thailand stebbins
P&P: UK 1st £3.92. UK 2nd £2.30. EU Surface £6.46. EU Air £6.60. ROW Surface £6.46. ROW Air £11.72

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