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51 second hand books in my Engineering catalogue.

Alternating Current Electrical Engineering - Phillip Kemp

MacMillan & Co., Hardback, 1933, Hardback £8.50

Applied Mechanics - Edward Ingham

The Bennett College, Hardback, Undated, £15.00

British Excellence - Edited by Andrew Neil

London: Standard Publications, Hardback, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £6.50

Colour T.V. Training Manual - C. P. Oliphant; Verne M. Ray;

Foulsham-Sams, Hardback, 1965, Hardback £15.00

Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering: English-Persian / Persian-English - Bozorgmehr Riyahi

Sokhan, Hardback, 2006, Hardback £30.00

Diesel Maintenance: A Practical Guide to the Servicing of the Modern Automotive Diesel Engine Fourth Edition - T. H. Parkinson

Iliffe & Sons, Hardback, 1946, Hardback £6.50

Engineering Composite Materials - Bryan Harris

London: Institute of Metals, Paperback, 1986, Paperback £8.50

Engineering Hydrology - E. M. [Eric Montgomery] Wilson

MacMillan, Hardback, 1971, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £15.00

Engineering Outlines 1: Reprinted from Engineering 1966 (Volumes 201 & 202) - A. A. H. [Anthony Ambrose Hugh] Scott

Macmillan, Hardback, 1967, Hardback £8.50

Examples in Technical Drawing For Schools & Colleges - D. Miller

House of Grant, Hardback, 1959, Hardback £15.00

Facts Worth Knowing About Frequency Converters - ANON.

Danfoss, Hardback, 1991, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £16.50

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering - Edward Hughes

Longmans Green & Co., Hardback, 1954, Hardback £7.50

Fundamentals of Industrial Administration - Edward Tregaskiss Elbourne

Macdonald & Evans, Hardback, 1947, Hardback £18.50

Geotechnical Risk and Safety: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Geotechnical Safety & Risk, Gifu, Japan, 11-12 June, 2009 - Edited by Y. Honjo, M. Suzuki, T. Hara & F. Zhang

Boca Raton, London, New York & Leiden: CRC Press, Hardback, 2009, Hardback £85.00

Grinding Wheels and Machines - P. S. Houghton

London: E. & F. N. Spon, Hardback, 1963, Hardback £16.00

Helmsmen and Heroes: Control Theory as a key to Past and Future - William Gosling

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, Hardback, 1994, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

Hydraulic Tables, to Aid the Calculation of Water and Mill Power, Water Supply, and Drainage of Towns, and Improvement of Navigable Rivers - Nathaniel Beardmore

London: Waterlow & Sons, Hardback, 1852, Hardback £20.00

Industrial Automatic Controls - Millard H. [Hartley] Lajoy

Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, Inc., Hardback, 1961, Hardback £7.50

Institution of Civil Engineers Arbitration Practice - G. Hawker; J. Uff; C. Timms;

Thomas Telford, Hardback, 1986, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £30.00

Introduction to Practical Fluid Flow - R. P. [Ronald Peter] King

Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, Paperback, 2002, Paperback £30.00

Journal of the Institution of Civil Engineers - ANON.

Institution of Civil Engineers, Hardback (½ Leather), 1936, Hardback (½ Leather) £20.00

Knowledge-Based Systems for Engineers and Scientists - Adrian A. Hopgood

CRC Press, Hardback, 1993, Hardback £8.50

Logic Circuit Design - Alan W. Shaw

Fort Worth: Saunders College Publishers, Hardback, 1993, Hardback £16.50

Machine Drawing and Design: A Textbook of Intermediate Standard For Engineering Students - W. [William] Abbott

Blackie & Son, Hardback, 1946, Hardback £4.50

Matriculation Physics: Heat, Light, and Sound - R. W. Stewart; John Don;

W. B. Clive, Hardback, 1916, Hardback £25.00

Mechanics (II Vols) Second Edition - J. L. Meriam

John Wiley & Sons, Hardback, 1962, Hardback £16.50

New Inventions: A Comprehensive Survey of Scientific and Technical Progress in the Arts, Sciences and Manufactures as Published During the Reign Of Her Majesty - Edited & Presented by Maurice Rickards

Hugh Evelyn, Hardback, 1969, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £6.50

Physical Basis for Electrical Engineering - Thomas L. Martin

Macmillan & Co., Hardback, 1958, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

Planning, Estimating and Ratefixing - A. C. Whitehead

Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Hardback, 1962, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £30.00

Practical Electrical Engineering - G. F. (George Frank) Tagg

London: George Newnes, Hardback, 1961, Hardback £35.00

Presentation of Technical Information - Reginald O. Kapp

Constable & Company, Hardback, 1958, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

Soil Mechanics Related to Building - John H. G. King; Derek A. Creswell;

Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Hardback, 1954, Hardback £10.00

The Age of Machinery - Alexander R. Horne

Blackie & Son, Hardback, Undated, £11.50

The CESMM2 Handbook: A Guide to the Financial Control of Contracts Using the Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement - Martin Barnes

London: Thomas Telford Publishing, Hardback, 1986, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £15.00

The Detection of Defects in Magnetic Materials by Magnetic Methods - A. M. Armour

Manchester: Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co., Paperback, 1940, Paperback £6.50

The Engineer: Highlights of 120 Years - John Mortimer

Morgan-Grampian, Paperback, 1976, Paperback £12.50

The High-Speed Internal-Combustion Engine - Harry R. Ricardo

London: Blackie & Son Limited, Hardback, 1955, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £105.00

The Institute Of Engineering Inspection Proceedings Session 1925-1926 - Anon.

Institute Of Engineering, Hardback, 1927, Hardback £30.00

The Institute Of Engineering Inspection Proceedings Session 1927-1928 - Anon.

London: The Institute Of Engineering Inspection, Hardback, 1929, Hardback £30.00

The Institute Of Engineering Inspection Proceedings Session 1929-1930 - Anon.

London: The Institute Of Engineering Inspection, Hardback, 1931, Hardback £30.00

The Institute Of Engineering Inspection Proceedings Session 1930-1931 - Anon.

London: The Institute Of Engineering Inspection, Hardback, 1932, Hardback £30.00

The Modern Gas Turbine - R. Tom Sawyer

Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Hardback, 1945, Hardback £15.00

The Oil Engine Manual - D. S. D. [Denys Stephen Dodsley] Williams

Temple Press, Hardback, 1956, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £65.00

The Sanitation of Domestic Buildings - Frank Latham

The Sanitary, Hardback, Undated, £100.00

The Structure and Management of the British Water Industry - VARIOUS

Institute of Water Engineers & Scientists, Hardback, 1979, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £10.00

The Thomas Lift Constructed at Foxton, Leicestershire by the Grand Junction Canal Company - Gordon Thomas

London: Gordon Thomas, Paperback, Undated, £10.00

The Town Woodhouse A. E. 4 Radial Drilling, Boring, Tapping and Studding Machine Operating and Maintenance Instructions - Anon.

Brighouse: Town Woodhouse Limited, Hardback, Undated, £15.00

Understanding Aero-Engines by Question and Answer - W. Hazell

The English Universities Press, Paperback, 1973, Paperback £20.00

Wireless Servicing Manual - W. T. Cocking

Iliffe & Sons, Hardback, Undated, £10.00

Workshop Technology Part 1 An Introductory Course - W. A. J. Chapman

Edward Arnold, Hardback, 1959, Hardback £10.00

Workshop Technology Part I: An Introductory Course - W. A. J. Chapman

Edward Arnold, Hardback, 1947, Hardback £7.50