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Lectures on Counseling by Jay E. Adams
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Lectures on Counseling by Jay E. Adams (£9.50)Publisher: Baker Book House — 1978

Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 0801001226]

Condition: Very Good.

Description: 2nd Printing. [First: Same Year] From the cover: “This single book presents four of Dr. Adams’ recently published and widely-received works:

  • Your Place in the Counseling Revolution
  • What About Nouthetic Counseling? (Part One)
  • Coping with Counseling Crises
  • The Use of the Scriptures in Counseling

Lectures on Counseling contains a wealth of practical, biblically-oriented counseling information and instruction — which makes it an ideal volume for the student soon to begin pastoral work. The opening chapters explore three subjects of interest to those preparing for a counseling ministry:

  • The attitudes of today’s evangelical students toward counseling
  • Resources available for a counseling ministry
  • The best use of resources for effective pastoral counselling

The convenience of this digest is augmented by “The Counselor’s Topical Worklist”, which tabulates Scripture passages that apply to common problems and anxieties. Indexes of topics, Scripture texts, and names are also included.”

Notes: Size: 8¼" x 5½". 276 pages.
P&P: UK 1st £2.84. UK 2nd £2.52. EU Surface £3.86. EU Air £4.10. ROW Surface £3.86. ROW Air £6.72

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