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Using Spreadsheets Effectively by Gaynor Attwood
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Using Spreadsheets Effectively by Gaynor Attwood (22.00)Publisher: McGraw-Hill — 1992

Binding: Paperback [ISBN: 0077072952]

Condition: Very Good.

Description: provides an authoritative, modern beginner's guide to the basic functions of the most popular spreadsheets. Assuming no previous knowledge, the author encourages you to think in terms of concepts and skills, and then to apply the knowledge acquired to your own package. A practical, user-friendly text that will enable anyone to master their spreadsheet and be confident to use it as an effective time-saving tool.

Notes: Size: 11" x 8". 67 pages.
P&P: UK 1st 2.84. UK 2nd 2.52. EU Surface 3.86. EU Air 4.10. ROW Surface 3.86. ROW Air 6.72

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