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The Wonders of the Little World by Nathaniel Wanley
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The Wonders of the Little World by Nathaniel Wanley (£56.00)Publisher: W. J. Richardson et al — 1806

Binding: Hardback

Condition: Poor. Leather worn, rubbed and chipped. Marbled boards faded with remnants of sticker to front. Loose. Shaken. Damp marked in patches although text complete and legible.

Description: …or A General History of Man: Displaying the various Faculties, Capacities, Powers and Defects of the Human Body and Mind, in many Thousand Most Interesting Relations of Persons Remarkable for Bodily Perfection or Defects; Collected From the Writings of the Most Approved Historians, Philosophers, and Physicians, of all Ages and Countries Forming a Complete System of the Mental and Corporeal Powers and Defects of Human Nature; And Intended to increase Knowledge, to promote Virtue, to discourage Vice, and to furnish Topics for Innocent and Ingenious Conversation. A new edition, with the addition of much new and curious matter, carefully selected from all attainable sources, and the Whole Revised and Corrected by Wm. Johnston.

Notes: Size: 9½" x 6". 553 pages.
P&P: UK 1st £6.75. UK 2nd £6.68. EU Surface £10.36. EU Air £10.35. ROW Surface £10.36. ROW Air £19.22

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