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Microprocessor Technology by J. S. Anderson
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Microprocessor Technology by J. S. Anderson (19.00)Publisher: Newnes — 1994

Binding: Paperback First Edition.

Condition: Fine.

Description: General introduction - the microelectronic system; number systems; the CPU and a microprocessor system; memory maps - program storage, RAM, ROM, DISC; machine code programming; the fetch-execute sequence; timing diagrams; the Z80 package; control signals; organization and use of stack; machine code instructions and addressing modes; the flag register; I/O ports; interfacing; logic; CMOS, PMOS and NMOS; implementation of memory systems; programmable serial I/O devices; UART's ACIA; debussing programs; trace tables; writing software - more advanced techniques; faultfinding in micro systems; logic circuits. 391pp. Index.
P&P: UK 1st 3.92. UK 2nd 2.30. EU Surface 6.46. EU Air 6.60. ROW Surface 6.46. ROW Air 11.72

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