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Nestled, snugly, in the bucolic paradise of Peasedown St. John, one of Somerset's largest villages, the operator of BookLovers of Bath can be found in a real second hand book shop, Fact or Fable, on the Bath Road in the centre of the village. The shop contains around 3,000 books in selected subject areas and a carefully chosen variety of knick-knacks that I may, or may not, be prepared to sell should you have deep enough pockets. Or, long enough arms.

Featured Second Hand Books

I read with some interest the recent news that Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell has given away the entire fund of the "Breakthrough Prize" worth north of £2 million. The cash was awarded for her work on radio pulsars, no me either, but more interestingly she was part of a “team” working on the same scientific area in 1974. That won the Nobel prize…for her two colleagues. Who were, er, rather more male it seems.

Being a more rounded person than I, this hasn't deterred her from giving the £2.3m prize-money to the Institute of Physics to fund scholarships for under-represented groups to become physics researchers. I rather hope they turn out to be cut from similar cloth. Perhaps the bias, of which I was blisfully unaware, will be ironed out in this particular field of human endeavour.

My endeavours are rather more paltry. A selection of books, that you may care to purchase (don't stop at one!), related to the world of science.

  • An Introductory Guide to Scientific Visualization
  • Applied Cosmobiology
  • Applied Management Science
  • Back to the Drawing Board: Aircraft That Flew But Never Took Off
  • Big Bang: The Most Important Scientific Discovery of All Time and Why You Need to Know About It
  • Chemistry as a Career
  • Dynamic Aspects Of Biochemistry Third Edition
  • Faraday Symposia of the Chemical Society No. 14 Diatomic Metals and Metallic Clusters
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • High Technology In Finland 1997
  • Infrared Astronomy: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute Held At Erice, Sicily, 9-20 July 1977
  • Introduction to Atomic and Nuclear Physics
  • Matriculation Physics: Heat, Light, and Sound
  • Papers in Algebra, Analysis and Statistics
  • Planetary Symbolism in Astrology
  • Plant Metabolism
  • Reports on the Progress of Applied Chemistry Vol. XLII 1957
  • Reports on the Progress of Applied Chemistry Vol. XLIII 1958
  • Science For All: An Outline For Busy People (Articles by Various Writers)
  • Structure and Function of Cells
  • Structure and Function of Cells: A Text for Students in Medicine and Science
  • The Astonishing Atom
  • The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide To Smart Beauty
  • The Concise Planetary Ephemeris for 1900 to 1950 A.D at NOON
  • The Outline of Science (2 Vols)
  • The Prevention of Corrosion
  • The Second Culture: British Science in Crisis: The Scientists Speak Out
  • The Skywatcher's Handbook
  • The Universe: Plan or Accident?
  • Theorising Modernity: Reflexivity, Environment and Identity in Gidden's Social Theory